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Join Us For A Festive Day At Our "Spring Fling"

     Make plans to come out to Miracle Valley for our "Spring Fling!"

     Spring will have sprung and the trees will be in bloom. Bring a picnic. Do a Tasting & grab a bottle or two of your favorite wine to enjoy. Fly a kite on our beautiful grounds.

     From 2:00 pm until 5:00 pm, Martha Capone will be performing under our front pavilion for your entertainment.

     And... while you're sipping on your wine & listening to the incredible melodies, meander over to our large pavilion and SHOP! Yes ladies & gentlemen, we said "Shop!" As an added bonus to this special afternoon, our large pavilion will be filled with a variety of vendors & artisans for you to browse & purchase their wares.

     If you still have energy, take your bottle of wine & head down to the pond or up to the gazebo for a bit of quiet.

One thing is for sure -- this spring day will be a blast!!!