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Celebrate Columbus Day With A Visit To Miracle Valley! And While You're Here... Enjoy A Performance By Martha Capone!

It's a Holiday weekend!   It's time for a little impromptu party!  Bring your friends & family & wear your drinking (ummmm..that is your dancing) shoes!  Martha Capone will ROCK your Sunday!!! 

Make no mistake - Martha Capone is different & exciting and, boy, she can ROCK!!!!!  Martha started playing guitar at the age of 10 and hasn't looked back. She got her Strat at 15, and her Vibrolux amp at 16.  She has been playing in various bands in the DC & LA areas since then: rock bands, variety bands, blues bands, original bands, even an all-girl country-punk band.  Martha plays high-energy power blues & rock, and she loves to grab a song and make it her own. 

Why not celebrate the long weekend in style?  Grab a bottle or two of your favorite Miracle Valley wine and join us under our small pavilion for one incredible performance by Martha!