Miracle Valley Vineyard is located on Little Cobbler Mountain in Delaplane, Virginia.  There are several ways to get to MVV,  most are state of the art  paved roads and one way will take you back 150 years to 1860 when roads were not paved. 

If you use your GPS and your software has been updated you should be fine.  Just use the address 3661 Double J Lane, Delaplane.  If your software is not up to date you may need to use our old address, 3841 Cobbler Mountain Road.  This will take you to the same place.  There are plenty of signs, just follow the signs.   

If you are coming from the west and get off at exit 23 follow the signs.  Do not turn right on Little Cobbler Mountain, that is the old dirt road from when John Mosby rode these hills.  Just follow the signs!!!!!